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     This section is a compilation of my outside readings during the doctoral program. As noted in the summaries, these books were chosen based on three central ideas. 

     The first, being related to bullying and cyber bullying and the physical and emotionally safety of students in school.  It continues to be my passion and my mission to create a safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenging learning environment.  In addition, these books enhance the work and research that I continue to dissect and discover surrounding the social and emotional challenges facing children growing and learning in the 21st Century. 

     The second idea can be found in several of the books below is that of the life long learner.  These books focus on a character(s) that are faced with obstacles and need to gather new knowledge, use previously learned knowledge to overcome and prevail.  They also have a common thread similar to that of civic capacity and relational trust as explained in Dr. Smith's class (EDU 5571).

     Finally, the third idea is that of furthering my knowledge and deepening my understanding of research and the English language...not to mention Dr. Dunlop said (in all of the courses that I had with her and even during my meetings with her when I wasn't in class) that these were lifelines for the dissertation process...and she is absolutely right!!!

Physical & Emotional Safety in Schools
Dorn, Michael.  (2003).  Weakfish - Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child.  Canada: Safe Havens International.

Dorn tells the story of a child being bullied through the eyes of the victim.  The perspective of the bullied child and the information from top researchers in the field make this book a must read for anyone working with children or have children of their own.

Garbino, James, Ph.D.  (2002).  And Words Can Hurt Forever.  New York: Free Press.

This books gives the reader an in depth look at bullying, harassment, and emotional violence that adolescents face and how we can protect them.

Marcus, David L. (2005).  What it Takes to Pull Me Through.  New York: Houghton Mifflin.

In his book, Marcus is able to observe and follow the journey and struggles of adolescents who are students at The Academy at Swift River which specializes in helping teens in crisis.  He shares his observations of the teenagers struggles and transformations.

Olweus, Dan.  (1993).  Bullying At School.  Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishing.

A comprehensive approach to dealing with all aspects of bullying in schools.  This book details what we know about bullying, what we can do about bullying, and provides essential information about intervention programs and practical advice for schools.

Thompson, Michael, Ph.D. & Cohen, Lawrence J. Ph.D. (2002).  Mom, They're Teasing Me.  New York: Ballantine Books.

Thompson and Cohen share a wealth of information for parents and teachers on how to help children solve their social problems.

Civic Capacity & Life Long Learning
Brown, Oral Lee & Millner, Caille.  (2005).  The Promise.  New York: Double Day.

A touching story of how a woman makes good on a promise to send her classroom full of first graders to college.

Gladwell, Malcolm.  (2008).  Outliers.  New York: Little, Brown and Company.

Gladwell argues that the true story of success is not one based on intelligence and ambition, but rather looking at the things that surround the person - their family, their birthplace, or even their birthdates'.  He believes the story of success is more complex and a lot more interesting that one might initially think.

Truitt, Brett.  (2008).  Lillie.  New York: Authorhouse

A touching story, written by a member of Cohort 9.  An eloquent writer shares her stories of family and faith.

Research & The English Language
American Psychological Association.  (1994).  Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (4th ed.).  Washington, DC:  Author This book follows me wherever I go and thank Dr. Dunlop profusely for directing us to purchase it early in the program.  There is no other way to write a dissertation without it!  It has all of the technical and formatting information you need!  All questions are answered!
Strunk, William Jr. & White, Edward.  (2000).  The Elements of Style.  New York: Longman. A "must have" for the doctoral program at St. John's.  This book has been a lifesaver on many occasions when crafting papers and assignments.


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