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The Scholar page will present a collection of knowledge that I have gathered during my journey through the doctoral program at St. John's.  Four sections will be presented on this page.  First, books, articles, and other readings that I read as required text as well as additional reading.  Second, my synthesis and reflection of the program.  Third, an outline and explanation of my dissertation.  Finally a chart explaining the many theorists discussed throughout the program.


As part of our classwork, we were assigned several required texts.  To view the doctoral reference page click here and click on the Program Library to view each of the books and a brief description as well.  It was suggested by  my professors and cohort colleagues, that I expand my readings to include books, articles and other readings in addition to the required texts to further my studies, research and broaden my views with relation to class discussions.  These books, along with a brief description can be found in the Scholar Library.


It is incredible to think the coursework requirements have been completed.  I have grown as a professional, as a leader and as a person over the past two and a half years.  Having an opportunity to reflect on my experience, I have been able to absorb and truly appreciate the journey that began in July 2008.  Click here to view the program synthesis.  In addition to the program synthesis, I was able to construct a visual representation as a result of one of Dr. Dunlop's Saturday afternoon lectures in EDU 7900, Qualitative Research - Method and Analysis.  Click here to view the masterpiece I am quite proud of.


Click here to view more about the theorists studied.


Click Dissertation Proposal to see a preliminary draft (Work in Progress).  Click here to view the Dissertation Reference page.

Click here to view my Digital Portfolio defense Power Point presentation.


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"You must be strong now.  You must never give up.  And when people make you cry and you are afraid of the dark, don't forget the light is always there."