Chelsea Brown


Learner Folio

The Learner Folio contains a collection of the coursework that was completed while attending St. John's University.  All of the coursework can be categorized into five main themes:  Policy and Politics, Leadership, Organizational Theory, Management Science, and Research Methodology.

Click on the course to view the course description, course outline, presentations, papers, research projects and synthesis that was completed.

Policy and Politics

EDU 5420 Politics in Education
EDU 5103 Educational Governance and Policy
EDU 5721 Collective Bargaining


EDU 5743 Educational Planning
EDU 5571 Administrative Leadership in Schools
EDU 7701 Research/Development in Instructional Strategies


Organizational Theory
EDU 5105 Multi-Cultural Social Organizations
EDU 5419 Advanced Study in Organizational Theory

Management Science

EDU 5650 School Based Data Analysis
EDU 5655 Data Analysis
EDU 7211 Data Analysis II - Statistics
EDU 5741 Economics/Finance of Education

Research Methodology
EDU 7801 Digital Portfolio
EDU7802 Portfolio Seminar/Advisement
EDU 7900 Qualitative Research: Methods and Analysis
EDU 7901 Advanced Research Design
EDU 5550 Dissertation Seminar in Administration and Supervision


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"Most new discoveries are suddenly-seen things that were always there. A new idea is a light that illuminates presences which simply had no form before the light fell on them."

~Susan Langer