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EDU 7900 Qualitative Research - Method and Analysis

Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed.D.

Course Description

This course focuses on a variety of qualitative approaches to discipline and inquiry that can be brought to bear light on the problems in education and also examines underlying theoretical frameworks of these approaches.  This course provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge and skills in the various qualitative techniques and methods.

Course Synthesis

     In this course, Dr. Dunlop introduced us to the qualitative research process.  Qualitative research is described as an approach that requires researchers to develop empathy with people under study and to make concerted efforts to understand various points of view.

    We worked on different observational data including the 5 minute observation write up.  This write up made us aware of how we use language.  Writing up observations must be as factual and unbiased as possible.  In addition, we discussed how to recognize patterns, discrepancies and themes within our cohort. 

Dr. Dunlop introduced us to the five features of qualitative research:

  • Concern with process and not the numbers

  • How do people make sense of their lives (meaning)

  • Search data to prove or disprove thesis (inductive)

  • Actual setting as a direct source of data (naturalistic)

  • Data collected takes form of pictures or words rather than numbers (descriptive data)

     It was also during this course that we continued to welcome guest speakers in to share their knowledge and share their journey.  This collaborative model allows us to gain insight into what lies ahead.

     The dissertation process was made clear, once again, shining light on the end of my tunnel.

     What I am most proud of from this class was the creation of a visual for a lecture Dr. Dunlop gave one afternoon.  On the white board in the front of the room, she began to construct the layers of a dissertation, using a picture of a sunflower.  I sat there that day and made a small promise to myself that I would create this for her (and for me).  I am proud to say that I finished it!  Click here to see the finished product!



Bogdan, R., & Knopp Biklen, S. (2007). Qualitative Research for Education: An Introduction to Theories and Methods. Boston: Allyn and Bacon


bullet Observation Activity Page 1, Page 2
bullet Interview Questions
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