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EDU 7801 Digital Portfolio

Jonathan Hughes, Ph.D.

Course Description

Educational leaders are now expected to know the essential elements of a broad spectrum of leadership and educational theories related to successful practice. To develop an understanding of the principles of professional reflective practice while skillfully applying theory to successful administrative planning and decision-making is an essential characteristic of good practice. Thus, the intent of this course is to present the principles and characteristics of reflective practice, scientific inquiry, and theory application through the development and implementation of a professional, on-line, digital portfolio. The portfolio will ultimately be utilized as the student comprehensive doctoral examination for certification as a doctoral student.

Source: Jonathan Hughes PhD, course description

Course Synthesis

     This class presented us with a program called front-page.  As a cohort we learned how to create and manipulate the program to prepare for our culminating project- Digital Portfolio.  I quickly found my niche, however I had to challenge myself to not settle for a template, but choose one and strive to make it my own.  It was here that I found my metaphor for the Digital Portfolio and my doctoral journey.  Previously I shared that my father passed a few years prior to my beginning my doctoral studies.  I was able to have a conversation about my plan to begin and someday complete my doctorate before he died.  When surfing through the templates from Front page, I came across a green desk lamp theme.  This desk lamp immediately reminded me of the one my dad had acquired on a job he had done for a customer and how I had taking a liking to it.  It sat in the garage at my parentís house and I passed by it often.  It was instantly clear to me that the lamp would serve as the illuminating force and provide a presence from my father as I worked to collect and present all that I have learned and will continue to learn here at St. Johnís.  That lamp now sits on my desk at home and on the pages of this digital portfolio, shedding light on various aspects of my journey. 

     In addition to computer programs, we researched and discussed how to represent ourselves in a professional manner, and how to present the material in a clear and interesting format.

     Digital Portfolios are currently used in some schools as an assessment tool for new teachers prior to tenure.  It is used to demonstrate growth and knowledge in the experiences and skills of the presenter.  I look forward to the continual growth of my digital portfolio.


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