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EDU 7211 Data Analysis II

Nicholas Bernice, Ed.D.

Course Description

This course extends the study of statistical inquiry begin in EDU 5655.  It will address more advanced univariate statistical methods, principles of measurement, power analysis and effect size.  Students will learn to use techniques such as multiple correlation/regression and the analysis of variance and covariance to analyze and interpret the results of experimental and on-experimental studies.

Course Synthesis

 I feel like the text for this class truly sums up this class, Statistics for those who HATE statistics!  This class shed some light on the terms and functions that are at our fingertips for our doctoral journey.  Truly understanding numbers and their significance will be a crucial component of my studies and my dissertation.  This class began as an overwhelming and daunting series of tasks, but as we waded deeper and deeper into the dark and murky waters, it became clear, through Dr. Berniceís humor and expertise that we were going to be successful.  

Being asked to look at the statistical data surrounding my chosen topic of interest; I was able to look at the statistical data and described the outcome of the study.  In addition, I was able to assess the data and categorize it by importance to my topic. It was during this course that I was also introduce to research search options like Pro-Quest and various libraries within the St. Johnís website.  This allowed me to broaden my search of topics of interest for possible study and added to my opportunities to collect research not only for the doctoral program but for various topics of interest in my professional growth at Northport Middle School as well.

Statistics clearly play an integral role in the decision making process.  Data-driven decision making is increasingly becoming an important component to guiding our decisions to improve student success rates and experiences in school.  


Salkind, N. J. (2010). Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics. London: Sage Publications



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