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EDU 5743 Educational Planning

Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed.D.

Course Description

Educational Planning examines problems and factors in educational planning and discusses selected planning methodologies including demographic projections, project management, needs assessment, allocation and budget models.

Course Synthesis

I began this doctoral course with no expectations…walking into class with a blank canvas and an open mind.  “Planned Change” was the first course that July.  Change was something I knew as an administrator you did not do quickly and you did not do often.  “Make no changes your first year,” was the advice I had received from some colleagues when I got my first administrative job.

After this class, with Dr. Dunlop, I have learned a lot about change.  There is planned and unplanned change.  Change has to be sustained or, as in Alice’s school district’s case, a repetitive change syndrome can take place.  Sustainable leadership needs a solid foundation in order for effective change to take place.

It was in this first class that we began to look at several theorists.  Popkewitz, Stone, Hargreaves & Fink, Wehlage, and Dr. Frank Smith, have shown the light on how to analyze, apply, and sustain change.  Each enables us to see through a different lens.

It was also in this class that we spoke of metaphors and tried to identify with one at the beginning of class and then again at the end.  I believe the metaphors I chose were ones I could sustain.  The first, being a kaleidoscope…constantly spinning and turning to allow the light to reflect on the image within until a beautiful design was created.  However, once created…it was never stagnant, similar to me…a lifelong learner never wanting to be stagnant.  I feel that through this initial course, I will continue to turn and spin, altering the image or design being created…and that is okay.  Not to mention the amount of information that was given to us kept me spinning all summer!



Hargreaves, A., & Fink, D. (2006) Sustainable Leadership.  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


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