Chelsea Brown


EDU 5741 Economics/Finances of Education

Kevin McGuire, Ed.D.

Course Description

Establishment and management of district budget and finances to support achievement of educational goals and facilities development.

Course Synthesis

     In this course, we focused on the importance of setting goals in school organizations, both in vision and financially. According to Dr. McGuire, administrators must set goals otherwise money is wasted.  With this in mind, working in pairs, we established the necessary steps to build a budget for a specific purpose.

Dr. McGuire shared an enormous amount of materials with us and stretched our minds, pushing us to new limits.  In a rigorous course with uncharted territory, this course was beneficial, not only for the doctoral program but for refining my own professional expertise as well.

Once we had collected the necessary information and participated in several group discussions, it was time to put our plan into action.  Using Power Point, we outlined the plan, focusing on the Educational Leadership Policy Standards of 2008 and our own knowledge and experiences.

This class was a deep well of information.  It was presented with real life stories from the vast experiences that Dr. McGuire has, making the material easily understood.  This class provided several resources that will be needed in the field of leadership and accountability.  Some of these artifacts have been included under the artifact heading.


Odden, A., & Picus, L. (2008). School Finance: A Policy Perspective. New York, New York: McGraw-Hill.


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