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EDU 5655 Data Analysis

Jonathan Hughes, Ph.D.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the principles of statistical inquiry and their application to educational problems.  Students will formulate research questions and hypotheses and use descriptive and inferential statistics to investigate the research questions.  Students will learn to write research reports summarizing and interpreting results of the analyses.

Course Synthesis

     I had never thought of myself as someone who liked statistics.  After completing this course, I can honestly say that Dr. Hughes changed my thoughts!  This course introduced me to SPSS and statistical data.  Using the research from parent, student and teacher surveys related to the safety, education and overall climate of the school experience, we were asked to sift through it and create a descriptive, comparative and summative analysis for the Urbana School District Board of Education.

     To complete these tasks, descriptive statistics and frequency distributions were run.  Charts and graphing for presentations were created.  This class focused not only on learning how to process data but also how to read data.


Using SPSS for Social Statistics and Research Methods by William Wagner III


bullet Course Outline
bullet Frequencies and Discrepancies Presentation
bullet Urbana School District Presentation

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