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EDU 5650 School Based Data Analysis

Jonathan Hughes, Ph.D.

Course Description

     A school district’s effective use of data can enable the successful identification and implementation of appropriate strategies that ultimately lead to the attainment of standards and increases in student learning. However, many schools do not use data to promote increased student learning or for standards implementation. The reasons for this are varied. The data may not be easy to access, they may not be in forms that are easy to understand, no one may be available who understands and can work with data, or there may be no knowledge that the data exist.  For some, there may be so much data that knowing where to begin an analysis of the data is the challenge. Each of these situations (as well as many others) actively discourages school districts from learning about the phenomena they are attempting to understand. By supporting the creation, access, and subsequent analysis of school district databases, efforts by school leaders to create and sustain professional learning communities that are focused on the success of all students can be realized.

Course Synthesis

It is in these classes that I feel most comfortable.  I have always thrived when using computers, technology, and numbers…math happens to be a strong point for me.  However I have learned that my comfort zone can still be challenging and I push myself to dive deeper into the numbers, the data and produce a comprehensive product to display information in a clear manner, telling a complete story.

Using the data collected by Dr. Hughes, we were asked to read and manipulate the data to present our findings of various districts compared to an aspiration district.  With this knowledge base, we then had to come up with a plan for those districts to begin their climb to reach the aspiration district.  Being able to translate the data collected and clearly present it in a format that is understandable using conditional formatting, binning and graphics to tell the “complete story”.



Hughes, J. (2007). The School District Almanac. Retrieved October 23, 2010 from School District Almanac:



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