Chelsea Brown


EDU 5571 Administrative Leadership in Schools

Frank Smith, Ed.D.

Course Description

The course focuses on the administrative role of building principal in developing a successful context for the improvement of instructional performance in cognitive and affective dimensions as well as effective day-to-day operational

practices of the school.

Course Synthesis

     On the first night of this class we examined a map of Elmtown. As a group, we were asked to analyze how the Elmtown School Districts schools physical location was impacted by the districts demographic make up.  After class discussions, we came to the following conclusions: The closing of mills had a profound impact on the community, the communities were naturally segregated by how and where schools were built, and schools were built to continue the segregation of the community between the rich and the poor.  For me, it continues to be an uphill climb during class discussions.  I am beginning to open up in an effort to defend and debate my thoughts, opinions, and understanding of the topics presented in class.

     During the next phase of this class we took a look at “another Stone”.  This time we examined the Civic Capacity of the community after coming to a common understanding of Clarence Stone and the essential elements of Civic Capacity.  Again, in our group, we were to identify the indicators of civic capacity organize them and create a priority action plan to present to the Board of Education.

      In an effort to report to the Board of Education regarding the school-community relationships, data was collected and analyzed.  Presented to the Board were the commonalities and inequalities within the district. 

     Included in the priority action plan were the need to collect district data, promote and foster staff participation, and including local community members to participate in the community/school/home relationship.  The community/school/home relationship is vital for the transition from school to career and more important for the ongoing success of the community.


bullet Map of Elmtown
bullet Elmtown Data Chart
bullet Elmtown Questions
bullet Definition of Social Capital
bullet ADC Model
bullet Final Project



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