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Welcome to my Digital Portfolio

"Sometimes you have to grope for ideas in the dark and sometimes they shine with a light of their own, beckoning you on. Light is a common metaphor for thinking and ideas and is mostly used to indicate understanding, often sudden." ~Anonymous

This digital portfolio is a compilation of an enormous amount of materials collected, research gathered, and...  Throughout the portfolio you will see a picture of the green desk lamp and various quotes pertaining to light.  I have chosen light to be my metaphor of this luminous journey to obtain a Doctorate of Education in Educational Supervision and Administration at Saint Johnís University.  In addition the green desk lamp, a gift from my father, is a constant reminder that he is with me and continues to shed light on my path each time I begin to lose my footing.  The light and illumination continue to serve as the fuel and guidance needed to forge ahead. 

The digital portfolio is divided into five parts as described below. 

Personal - designed to share my background, family, hobbies and activities. 

Professional - outlines my career as a professional educator.

Learner - a collection of course outlines, artifacts, required texts, and course synthesis for each required course during the doctoral program.

Expert - Demonstrates how I have applied what I have learned at St. John's University into my professional life.

Scholar -  Reflects my research, my findings, scholarly readings, my program synthesis and a proposal outline.



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